5 Reasons to Get Tested for STDs

bedroom talkGetting tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is an important aspect of maintaining your sexual health.  Lots of people have questions about why they should get tested regularly, even if they haven’t been sexually active in a while.  But even if you haven’t had sex in w while, had sex recently, have had unprotected sex,  have a new partner (or more than one partner), or if for any reason you’re worried you have been exposed to an STD, you should get tested.

Here are five reasons why you should get tested for STDs.

1. Getting tested for STDs is one of the most important things you can do to protect your health.

STDs usually don’t show symptoms right away, but if left undetected and untreated, they can lead to serious health conditions such as other life-long STDs and increased risk of cervical cancer and infertility.

2. Getting tested is quick and easy.

Most tests are quickly performed with results in just a few minutes. For some tests like rapid HIV test can be performed from just a swab in the mouth, and others only require you to urinate in a cup.  No needles necessary.

3. Most STDs are treatable.

The sooner you know your status, the sooner you can get treated.  Not all annual wellness exams include STD testing, so unless you ask to be tested, don’t assume you were the last time you visited your doctor’s office.

4. You can’t tell someone has an STD by just looking at them.

Many STD have symptoms that aren’t visible or noticeable, or don’t develop symptoms for months, or even years.  The only way to know your status is to get tested.  There are different recommended tests for different STDs, so it’s important to discuss recent sexual encounters with your PCP, or physician who conducts screenings.

5. Early detection is key for treatment plans.

Learning you have an STD is a scary moment.  You walked into the office seemingly healthy and walked out being deemed as sick.  While it can be shocking, it’s important to remember there is support out there.  Some STDs have relatively easy cures such as a single dose of antibiotics prescribed by your physician.  While others are not fully curable, they can be treatable.


STD Testing at AFC Urgent Care Marlborough

At AFC Urgent Care Marlbrough, our walk-in clinic provides a number of services to help lower your risk of contracting STDs by providing STD testing services and offering PrEP prescriptions.

For more information on the services we provide, please call us at 508-658-0764.