Why Sunblock is Important

We’ve all heard from a young age the importance of wearing sunblock. Even though there’s no shortage of reasons why sunscreen is so essential, many people decide to skip out on wearing it. If you want to avoid being one out of every five American’s who will get diagnosed with skin cancer from UV light, think about these facts before you decide to go without sun protection.

Slowed Aging

We all want to keep our skin looking young as long as we can. Did you know that just a simple layer of sunscreen could be all you need? Studies show that regular sunscreen users have much more youthful skin that develops fewer wrinkles as they age.

Preventing Sun Spots

People who spend time in the sun without sunscreen often develop sunspots. These are spots of discoloration on the skin, most commonly seen on the face. Paying to have sun spots removed or corrected is much more expensive than buying that bottle of sunscreen!

Managing Sun Damage

Many people think that if it’s an overcast day, they can skip the sunscreen, but that’s a harmful myth. Although you may not get sunburnt quickly on an overcast day, sun damage is still happening. The same applies when you think you don’t need sunscreen because you won’t be outside long enough to get sunburnt. Sun damage affects many people with darker skin tones who believe that because they aren’t prone to burning, they’re safe from sun damage too. Sun damage cannot be reversed.

Why Not?

There are many reasons to wear sunscreen, but ultimately it comes down to one question. Why not wear sunscreen? It’s more convenient than ever to apply because of the many forms it comes in. Makeup, Chapstick, aerosol sprays, lotion, gels, and even facial moisturizers containing SPF, are all easy ways to make sure you’re protected. You can apply in just a few minutes and be preserved for the next two hours. If you get wet or it’s time to reapply, just take a few more minutes, and you’re ready to go!
Sunblock is essential for all of these reasons and because it literally saves lives. Sunscreen is the best way to reduce your risk of skin cancer. If you’re someone who’s just now getting in the habit of using sunblock, you should schedule a check-up with a dermatologist to asses the damage that’s already been done.