Why Families Need Travel Vaccines Before Vacationing!

Throughout the year, families will likely travel for a few vacations to get some much needed sun, rest, and relaxation. But before you plan any major family vacation you’ll want to make sure that your entire family gets any updated travel vaccines before their trip.

If you’re traveling internationally or domestically, it is important to get any necessary vaccines to keep from getting sick or experiencing some other type of infectious illnesses. Travel vaccines are the easiest way to ensure that your family is adequately protected during their trip and that everyone is healthy throughout your relaxing vacation!

What are travel vaccines? How do they protect my family members?

Travel vaccines are short-term vaccines that help travels protect themselves from infectious diseases that are not commonly found in their home country/state/town. For example, US travelers visiting parts of Europe and Asia may need specific travel vaccines for diseases found on those continents and countries, such as yellow fever vaccines. Since yellow fever is not common in the US, travelers may not have the immunity necessary to naturally fight of the disease and will need the yellow fever vaccine.

Most medical experts recommend getting updated travel vaccines at least a few weeks in advance of their trip for most family members (5 years or older in most cases).

What could happen without a travel vaccine? Where can I learn about diseases internationally?

Without travel vaccines, you and your family’s chances of getting a significant and harmful infectious disease increase. The travel vaccine for most patients are the only way to fight of symptoms of infectious disease including nausea, vomiting, and other harmful physical symptoms.

To learn about which vaccines are needed for your destination, check out the CDC’s Traveler’s Health site to see which countries may have a disease outbreak or a similar health issue with infectious viruses or bacteria.

Where can I get my family updated travel vaccinations?

The good news for traveling families is that urgent care centers and their respective walk-in clinics provide an easy way to get any necessary travel vaccines.

Call ahead to quickly find out which vaccines they can order and provide for you and your family, if you don’t want to wait for another medical provider. If the urgent care center has the appropriate vaccine, then simply take your family in for and receive updated vaccinations in a few minutes.

Don’t let diseases and avoidable health issues get in the way of your family trip! Take some time to get those travel vaccinations and speak with a medical professional if you have any other questions about vaccinations!