Does My Cut Need Stitches?

Between trips, skinned knees, kitchen mishaps and minor paper cuts, lacerations can occur at any time and range in severity. Superficial cuts that graze the skin can generally heal on their own, but others may require medical attention and even stitches in order to heal properly and prevent infection. Cuts can also be misleading in terms of their depth, often reaching deeper than they initially appear without an x-ray or examination. If you sustain a cut, learn how to tell if you should visit AFC Urgent Care Marlborough for examination and stitches

What are stitches and how do they help my wound?

Stitches, also known as sutures, are performed by using a specialized sterile thread to sew together each side of the wound. Closing the wound reduces the chance of an infection entering or forming, which could lead to complications. Stitches are often used on cuts in areas that may be more prone to splitting or infection, including near major joints such as your elbows or knees or close to your eyes. Stitches can be performed with two types of thread: absorbable thread, which eventually dissolves as your wound heals, or non-absorbable thread, which requires a followup visit for examination and removal.

When does a cut need stitches to heal?

If your cut meets any of the following criteria, you should visit AFC Urgent Care Marlborough to have your wound examined and treated:

  • It has not stopped bleeding after continuous pressure for over 15 minutes
  • Deep tissue, tendons or bone are visible
  • The cut is located near your eye or a highly mobile joint
  • It is over one quarter inch deep or one inch wide
  • The skin around the wound is jagged 

The longer a wound stays open, the greater the chance of infection. If you are unsure if the cut will require stitches or are unsure of how deep it is, you should visit AFC Urgent Care Marlborough immediately to get it checked out. Our center prides ourselves on shorter wait times than a traditional emergency room, with affordable treatment available for self-pay patients. We understand the unexpected nature of injuries and always accept walk-in patients. 

Injury Treatment in Marlborough, MA

If you sustain an injury or a cut that may require stitches to full heal, visit AFC Urgent Care Marlborough today. Our center is open seven days a week for walk-in patients. For questions, please call 508-658-0764.