How Should I Prepare for Flu Season During COVID-19?

Flu season is a yearly occurrence and it can last for a few months, wreaking havoc across the country. Fall is quickly approaching, which is when the flu season kicks off, lasting throughout the winter until late spring when it ends. In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, it’s critical to take extra measures to protect yourself during the upcoming flu season, for your doctor to arrive at the correct diagnosis if you become ill, and minimize your risk of catching the flu. Knowing how to protect yourself from the highly contagious flu should be a priority in order to help you remain healthy. The big question is, how do you prepare for the flu season during COVID-19?

When to Get the Flu Shot

Getting your flu shot at the right time is crucial for effectiveness and your protection. Keep in mind that the vaccine takes roughly two weeks after it’s administered to take effect, allowing the body to create antibodies against the present strain of the influenza virus circulating during the new flu season. It’s best to get your flu shot early in the flu season, during September or early October. This allows your body to build up immunity before there’s community spread of the virus, which is highly contagious. Older individuals, especially, should take care not to get vaccinated too early in the flu season and risk reduced protection against the flu. Still, if the flu viruses are circulating in January or beyond that time, you can still get vaccinated. 

Can You Have the Flu and Other Respiratory Illnesses at the Same Time as COVID-19?

The simple answer to the question, “Can you have the flu and other respiratory illnesses at the same time as COVID-19?” is yes. It’s possible to have a combination of the flu, other respiratory illnesses, and COVID-19 all at once. This is a novel occurrence, but doctors and scientists are conducting research to determine how common the occurrence may be. Both the flu and COVID-19 share similar symptoms, which can make it difficult to determine which of the illnesses someone is suffering from. However, with the help of diagnostic testing, doctors can help determine if you are suffering from a case of the flu or COVID-19.

Does the Flu Vaccination Provide Any Protection Against COVID-19?

The flu vaccine is not a remedy for COVID-19 and will only provide immunization against the flu viruses. It is not created to provide immunity against COVID-19 at all. However, having a flu shot already in effect can prove useful in the case of you being exposed to COVID-19 and showing symptoms, by helping your doctor to determine a correct diagnosis of your illness. 

Flu Shots & COVID-19 Diagnostic & Antibody Testing in Marlborough, MA

If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19 and the flu, get tested for both. Schedule a telemedicine screening with AFC Urgent Care Marlborough for COVID-19 antibody testing or diagnostic testing, where you’ll get quick results and peace of mind. Our team of professionals will help you get the answer that you are looking for and help you maintain optimal health. For questions, please call 508-658-0764.