Who shouldn’t travel during the COVID pandemic this holiday season?

The 21st century has witnessed changes in almost all fields, but the current pandemic has left everyone stumped. No one was ready for a change this monumental, that took over every aspect of our lives and made us rectify our lifestyle in favor of adaptability. Travelling was no exception; since COVID-19 is a transmittable virus, it became exceptionally difficult to travel long distances safely.

Nowadays, traveling has a rule book, just like everything else. So if you care about the well-being of your loved ones, then following these rules is the only way to do right by them.

Things you must do before traveling in this pandemic

Know about the case count

Staying updated about the case count in your state and the place you want to go tells you whether the trip is worth the risk or not. Checking the official guidelines and announcements of the local health authorities of the place you are traveling to as well as of the place you are traveling from is imperative.

Follow the SOPs

This goes without saying that you must follow the SOPs issued by your local government meticulously. Some states might even recommend you quarantine yourself for 15 days or so before you travel. You quarantine before traveling ensures you don’t pose any danger to your fellow passengers. Getting a COVID-19 test before traveling has become a standard and is necessary to make sure that the virus remains contained.

Avoid Travelling During the Pandemic If:

You have a weak immune system: People who have a strong immune system can fight the virus efficiently even if they encounter the affected individuals. However, anyone with a weak immune system hardly stands a chance against this deadly virus.

You have been in contact with a COVID-19 positive individual: If you find out that the person you met has tested positive for COVID-19, then you must postpone all your traveling plans immediately and quarantine yourself. After the quarantine period, you must get yourself tested before resuming your traveling plans again.

You need assistance during your travel: It is imperative to exercise social distancing while traveling, but if you need human assistance during your travel, then it becomes difficult to distance yourself from people around you. If you can’t travel without seeking help from other people and touching them, then it is best to avoid traveling during this pandemic.

Traveling via road is the safest travel option since you’ll be using personal transport and won’t have to seek help from others in any way.