Pre-Employment Physical Examinations

Pre-Employment Physicals in Marlborough, MA

If your company or agency is looking for Pre-Employment Physicals, then look no further. AFC Urgent Care in Marlborough, Massachusetts is the number 1 choice for employers’ examinations, testings, and physicals.

Pre-Employment Physical Examinations, which are also known in some circles as Post-Offer Physical Exams, are performed so a company can determine an applicant’s potential employment and if they are capable of meeting the essential core functions of the job. A smart, well designed physical exam program results in fewer injuries, lower costs and a better match of employees to their job positions.

Our pre-meployment physicals include:

  • Respiratory Fit Test
  • Pulmonary Function Test
  • Lift Test
  • TB Test
  • Vision & Hearing Test

Our employee physicals are prompt and cost-effective.  Best of all, there are no contracts. You can stop using our services anytime if you are no longer in need of our Pre-Employment or Employee Physicals.  Every candidate is seen by one of our board-certified, experienced physicians, and our board-certified physicians will keep you informed throughout the entire process.

An account can be set up the same day for us to bill employers and companies monthly for any of your testing or screening needs.

We have convenient hours seven days a week with no appointments or referrals necessary for employee physicals. We are located in Marlborough, Massachusetts and perform Physical Examinations of all types throughout Middlesex County.

If you are an employer, call us to set up an account so that we can make the process smooth and easy for all of your employees. Please contact us at 508-658-0764 or for any questions!

At AFC Urgent Care, our goal is to keep you and your employees healthy!