Urgent Care vs. Retail Clinics

You may have noticed a surge of retail clinics, commonly referred to as “MinuteClinics,” popping up in grocery stores, pharmacies, and similar locations. While these clinics advertise themselves as comprehensive healthcare provider, they usually don’t have the same healthcare capabilities as an urgent care center.

At AFC Urgent Care Marlborough, we provide comprehensive healthcare services including preventive care, injury and illness treatment, and routine exams to help manage your healthcare conditions. In addition, we also are equipped with board-certified physicians, medical labs and equipment, and resources that aren’t available in your typical retail clinic.

The main differences between urgent care centers and retail clinics include:

Urgent Care Centers:

  • Staffed with board-certified physicians to coordinate current and future treatment
  • Equipped with medical labs, x-ray imaging tools, and other diagnostic services to  evaluate your medical condition
  • Provides urgent care for minor treatments, injuries, and illnesses as well as preventive screenings
  • Available for online check or walk-in visit with a physician

Retail Clinics:

  • Usually not staffed with a board-certified physician
  • Only resolves very minor injuries and not equipped to perform diagnostic tests
  • Limited preventive screenings or exams

If you need comprehensive urgent care don’t hesitate to come into AFC Urgent Care Marlborough. You can visit us at 38 Boston Post Rd. West in Marlborough or call our center at 508.658.0764!